by medium


Water Of Life [SATB (or SSA), pno four-hands (or 2 vln, vla, vlc, cb, 2 ob, mar, pno four-hands)] 2010
All the Great Ships [SATB] 2008
Sing Me A Home [SATB, piano, Latin percussion, opt. guitar and bass] 2007
All Things Resounding [SATB] 2007
Slip Away [SA, Orff instruments] 2006
Medicine Woman [SATB, Native American flutes and percussion, piano bows, narrator] 2006
We Are All Your Chosen People [SATB, piano] 2005
Mar [SATB] 2004
Cancioncilla del primer deseo [SATB, Latin percussion] 2004
Villancico [SATB, Latin percussion] 2004
Kindling Humanity's Heart [SATB, organ] 2004
Birds of Oz [SATB] 2003
Alleluia [SATB, harp] 2003
The Spacious Firmament [SATB (or SSA), vln, electronics] 2003
O Factura Dei [SATB, amplified bass, dumbeck] 2002
The Gathering [SATB (or SSA), pno/hp, vln/hammered dulcimer] 2002 
Kyla Vuotti [SATBB] 2001 Audio Clip
Earthbeat[SSA, pc] 2001
Ave Maria [SATB, tenor solo, pno., vlc. (opt.)] 2001
Dance Ablaze! [SSA, pc. (opt.)] 2001 Audio Clip
Adventures of the Black Dot [SSAATTBB, youth choir (SSA), acc., hp., pc., vlc., narrator] 2001
Dancing in Circles [SSA (or SAB), fl., mar., vla.] 2000 Audio Clip
Cançoes de Embalar (Lullabies) [SATB] 2000  Audio Clip
New Face [SSA, bottles drums] 1999
Tutti for Earth and Heaven [SATB, organ] 1999
It's Alive Now [SATB, pc.] 1999
Beijing Cai Hong (Colorful Rainbow of Beijing) [SATB, pipa, vln., sop., narrator] 1998 Audio Clip
Three Songs of the Spirit [SATB, cl./bass cl., pno., pc] 1997 Audio Clip
Wataridori [SATB, ob.] 1997
Villages of the Earth [SATB, pc.] 1995 Audio Clip
Ancient Echoes Across the Stara Planina [SSAA, orchestra] 1994 Audio Clip
Positive Women: Susan [SA or SB, vln] 1992
O Viridissima Virga [SATB, pc.] 1992 Audio Clip
Polyhymnia [SATB, orchestra] 1992
The Mystic Trumpeter [SATB, T solo, 2 trp.] 1986
Voxworks [SATB] 1986
Come Ye Weary [SATB, pno. (or handbells)] 1983
Hilariter[SATB, pno. (or handbells)] 1983
Little Boy Lost/Little Boy Found [SSA] 1979
Three Psalms [SATB] 1978

Cosmos:  An All Persons' Guide to the Orchestra and Space Adventure [orchestra, narrator] 1999
Pacific Transit [orchestra, pipa] 1997
Cafes of Melbourne[orchestra, accordion]
The Dreamweaver [orchestra, narrator] 1996
Ancient Echoes Across the Stara Planina [orchestra, chorus (SSAA)] 1994
Polyhymnia[orchestra, chorus (SATB)] 1992
Mythos 1991
Journey to the End of the Shaking Lands [orchestra, 2 actors] 1988
Clockwork Concerto [orchestra, vla.] 1987
Womanhood Shines the Seasons [orchestra and soprano]1981
The Farthest Shore [chamber orchestra] 1981
Metaphors [orchestra and handbells] 1980
Testaments [chamber orchestra] 1979

Stage and Multi-media

Adventures of the Black Dot
[a choral storybook ; concert or staged piece with video animation] 2001
Dancing in Circles [the story of Mary Yang, Hmong immigrant; concert or interdisciplinary performance piece] 2000
Cosmos: An All-Persons' Guide to the Orchestra and Space Adventure
[narrated concert piece with video animation] 1999
The Dreamweaver [an orchestral storybook; concert piece with slides]1996
A Time of Hands [interdisciplinary performance piece] 1995
Seven Sevens  [music-theater]1993
Hildegard [animated video-performance opera] 1989
The Bacchae [incidental music] 1987
Seven Sevens - Cycle One:The Politicians[operatic fragment] 1986
Love Song to the Plains [ballet] 1982

Solo Vocal 

I Am the One [T, pno.] 1998
The Prayer of Manitonquat [S, vln., gtr.] 1996
Item de Virginibus [S or A, digital tape] 1989
In Celebration [S, pno.] 1988
God's Grandeur [B, pno.] 1988
Crystal Light [S, digital tape] 1988
Sky-Born [S, pno.] 1985
Henry's Fate [T, cl., vlc., pno., pc.] 1983
Skyros[B, vln., vlc., fl., cl., pno., pc.] 1982

Chamber & Solo Instrumental

Labyrinth [organ, with optional piano] 2009
Getting Your Z's, Or Not [cl/b cl, pno, w pc] 2008
HaChZaRaH [organ] 2007
Petric's Web [accordion] 2005
Monapacataca[string quartet] 2004
Klucevsek's Web[accordion] 1994
Genesis I [oboe, digital tape] 1991/1983
Clockwork Concerto [viola, digital tape] 1991/1987 Listen and View Score
The Greenfly [2 vibraphones, digital tape] 1991/1987
Genesis VII [alto/sop. sax, digital tape] 1991/1989
Genesis VII [alto sax/bass cl., 2 pc., pno] 1989
Aeolian Palindrome Clockwork [alto sax, digital tape] 1989/1987
Genesis VI [string trio] 1988
Dabhar [3 celli, or string trio] 1988
Viriditas[vln. & pno; or sop. sax & mar.]
Genesis V [guitar quartet] 1987
The Greenfly [vibraphone & pc. ensemble] 1987
Genesis IV [cl., vln., pno] 1987
Saxworks[saxophone quartet] 1986
Clockwork Rhapsody [piano] 1985 
Two Clockworks [woodwind quintet] 1985
Jack and the Beanstalk [fl., ob., hn., trb., vla., cb., pc., hp., nar.] 1984
Genesis III [vla., fl., hp] 1984
Ch'i [2 pianos] 1983
Genesis II [piano trio] 1983
Genesis I [ob., pno.] 1983
Four Miniatures [piano trio] 1982
Birthday Music for N.D.B. [piano] 1980
Physis [hn., pno.] 1978